Fix Teeth Gaps Permanently in a Month for Only $37

No more worries in showing your brightest smile. Teeth Effect Bands offers you the safest and most efficient treatment to close teeth gaps permanently. This alternative solution will be on your rescue without the expensive costs of having braces. Now show some teeth and keep smiling.

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153,226gaps closed around the world since 2008.

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How Teeth Effect Bands Work
Rubber Band
Place the Rubber band on your teeth
Leave the Rubber over night
Leave the rubber band on overnight.
Remove the Rubber
Remove the rubber band.
New Smile
Enjoy your brand new smile
Before & After Cases
Subject: Thomas Barnes
Age: 48 years old
Treatment Length: 52 days

He had long been suffering a diastema ever since birth. He'd always desired to close the teeth gap he has but was hesitant to wear braces year long. He chose to try teeth effect bands intead. He then sent us his pictures before and after undergoing the treatment . He enjoyed favorable results in less than 3 months.
Subject: Jeffrey Patrick
Age: 25 years old
Treatment Length: 65 days

Jeffrey's teeth gap was around 3.4mm wide. This is the biggest size gap which can be treatable by teeth effect bands. He'd never tried any orthodontic treatment. He was referred to our company by a good friend that was a satisfied client as well. We're glad that he was really happy with the results.
Subject: Linda Stillman
Age: 24 years old
Treatment Length: 46 days

Linda's teeth gap has reopened since she hasn't properly worn her retainer right after she had her braces for almost a year. The expense of acquiring new braces costs too much for her, so she decided to give teeth effect bands a try. She then sent us her pictures while on the treatment, and we're more than happy that we were able to help her out.

Why Our Clients Love Teeth Effect Bands?

Our huge client base has chosen to stick with Teeth Effect Bands because we have always been eager to consistently provide an exceptional solution for closing teeth gaps permanently with no side effects. The underlying technology of Teeth Effect Bands is highly innovative and is developed by dental specialists. It's basically based on the exact process of conventional braces. In terms of braces, the Teeth Effect Bands apply a steady pressure right on the teeth, gradually moving them towards the desired direction.

Lots of benefits can be obtained with Teeth Effect Bands compared to the traditional braces. The first benefit is that Teeth Effect Bands can work way faster than braces. It just takes 2 weeks to one month for the initial stage and around 4 weeks for its final phase (usually less than two months). Conventional braces, on the other hand, may take 9 months up to 2 years before taking full effect.

Teeth Effect Bands are created with a superior grade elastic polymer. It's the final result of long years of testing and evaluation. We encourage you to consult your regular dentist first prior to applying Teeth Effect Bands or you may also ask as any query directly. We will gladly help you all the way.