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Join our 1000's of clients who have been getting conclusive results using Teeth Effect Bands. For gaps measuring less than 3.5mm wide, Teeth Effect Bands provides an effective means to fix your current gap into perfect smile.

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Teeth Effect Bands is the number 1 provider for reliable, high-quality dental bands and we've been closing 1000's of teeth gaps for the past three years. Not only do we close teeth gaps, but we also provide an inexpensive alternative to get back your confidence.

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Don’t allow that teeth gap to destroy your confidence. If you are searching for an alternative choice to conventional braces, at almost no cost, then Teeth Effect Bands has got it in for you. With our bands you will see results within thirty days and the bands are so easy to use. Stick to the easy instructions and you’ll soon be forever smiling.

Money-back Guarantee!

We believe in our product’s effectiveness. We believe that a great product should be risk free for the customers, therefore we take all risks for you by providing a hundred percent money back guarantee. If you're not completely pleased with the merchandise. Just ship us the bands back together with your Transaction Receipt and that’s it!

What We Should Do?

Teeth Effect Bands bands are a cutting-edge option to closing gaps. We developed Teeth Effect Bands because there is a necessity within the dentistry area for people not being able to afford professional treatments. We attempt to supply satisfaction within our clients. We believe that receiving recommendations daily from those very happy customers is key to any reliable business. Making use of the Teeth Effect Bands teeth gap bands will be the wisest choice of your life.

We Place Your Safety First.

Our bands happen to be carefully examined and developed by dentistry professionals to be a safe solution. Over 75,000 clients have put Teeth Effect Bands for a test and have been discovering that not only our bands are incredibly easy to use but also they have an incredible efficiency at closing individuals undesirable gaps. By using our simple instructions, you are able to make sure that no harm can be done to your teeth or gum. Teeth Effect Bands offers an inexpensive mean to achieve your ideal smile.